How to customize products?

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After you add a product, you can customize its data loaded from AliExpress.

These data include a product title, description, images, attributes, and variations.

How to customize products in the Import List?

Dropshipper dictionary:

The Import List is a temporary place where Ali2Woo puts imported products before you push them into your store.

You can access your Import List and observe imported products by opening Ali2Woo > Import List page.

There you will see several tabs: Product, Description, Specs, Variants and Images.

Make necessary changes in appropriate tabs and then click “Push to Shop” and changed product will be published to WooCommerce store.


Let’s look at these tabs and all options you get for product editing:

  1. The product tab allows you to change a product name, status, and SKU. Also, you can add a product to any WooCommerce categories, set the product type, and assign tags.
  2. On the description tab, there is a visual text editor. Use it to change a product description. The editor has two modes: visual and text (plain HTML), choose the mode you prefer.
  3. The specs and variations tabs serve to edit these data in loaded products. We have separate posts described these features:
    Also, on the variations tab, you can change SKU, set manually a product price. Under the Profit column, you will see a potential profit you get selling this product. In addition, at the top of the variations tab, you will see additional options letting to prevent product price (or/and product quantity) from auto-updating. Enable them to prevent the changes after the synchronization with AliExpress.
  4. On the images tab, you can manage what images should be imported with a product. There you can deselect undesired photos and edit ones you need using the built-in image editor.
By default, Ali2Woo loads products in a background mode (step-by-step). It means when you publish a product to Woocommerce, you see it without images, attributes, variations, and etc. These data will be loaded later, don’t worry.

How to customize existed products?

After publishing a product in your store, you can find it on the Products page in Woocommerce backend.

There is no way to transfer published products back to the Import List. That’s why you need to change it using the Product editing page.

There you can modify all product data such as: product title, description, product type, and SKU. Also, you can choose categories, tags, edit images, attributes and etc.

Please note:

If you want to manage the product variation attributes, you have to do that on the Global Attributes page. We describe the process in a separate article

How to use the A2W Data section?

Also, Ali2Woo adds extra data for each product imported from AliExpress. This data is shown under the A2W Data tab.


Let’s describe the purpose of each parameter. And start from the General section:

  • External ID – represents the original product ID on the AliExpress site. If you change this number, the Ali2Woo plugin will connect your product to the new item on AliExpress. Moreover, the product data will be updated after synchronization finishes. You can use this feature to change a product supplier.
  • Orders count – shows how much product remaining in AliExpress stock, it doesn’t affect the stock level on your website frontend, this parameter was added just for the information.
  • Disable synchronization – tick this option if you don’t allow a synchronization for the product.
  • Disable price change – tick this checkbox if you don’t allow the price synchronization for the product.
  • Disable quantity change – tick it if you don’t allow the quantity synchronization for the product.
  • Product url – contains the affiliate link for a product. This link is generated by Ali2Woo automatically if you set your affiliate account in the plugin settings. it helps you to get the AliExpress Cashback.
  • Original product url – shows the AliExpress product link. If you didn’t set the affiliate account, this value is equal to Product url.
  • Last update – shows the last sync time (Unix timestamp format) for a product.
  • Reviews last update – shows the last sync time for a product reviews

Also, need to look to the Manage Variations section:

  • Removed attributes – this is a list of attributes that you delete from a product. Ali2Woo will ignore these attributes and not restore them after synchronization finishes. if you want to restore some attribute, please remove it from here.
  • Removed variations – this is the same as above, but it serves for variations.
A good example: 

Sometimes you can see products having the Ship From variation that includes the “China” attribute value. In most cases, you want to hide this text from the eyes of your customers. Read how to do that in a separate article.

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