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The word cashback literally means “getting your cash back”. Cashback system lets you get part of the money you spend online back. The cashback scheme works as follows: you click a special affiliate link and purchase the desired products on AliExpress. After the products are delivered, part of the cost is returned to you on your affiliate account. Then you can withdraw your money, getting an additional bonus to your main dropshipping source of income.

Our cashback lets everyone who is making purchases on AliExpress to buy things in a more profitable way regardless of the country they live in. Cashback size depends on the number of purchases. The more you buy, the bigger is the cash-back. You just click the Place Order button on the plugin to process the orders for your clients on AliExpress and get an affiliate commission on every purchase.

To start using a cashback system and get benefits from the AliExpress affiliate program you need to connect Ali2Woo to the affiliate network. Currently, our plugin supports three affiliate networks: AliExpress Portal, Admitad, and EPN. So just get API key details for an appropriate network and add them in Ali2Woo account settings.

ali2woo account settings

You may wonder what is the difference between these affiliate networks(Admitad, EPN, and official one)? After all, they all work with AliExpress and it seems obvious that you just need to register in the AliExpress Portal. However, in reality, AliExpress does not always accept new affiliates. Another significant thing: each affiliate network has different methods of withdrawing the accumulated cashback.

In the article, we will describe how to make a connection of each affiliate network to Ali2Woo:

AliExpress Portal

If you want to set up AliExpress Portal, first tick Use custom account, then you will see new fields to input its API parameters.

ali2woo aliexpress portal settings

APP Key – when you create a new account on the AliExpress Portal platform,  it will generate an appKey.

TrackingId – the tracking ID of your account in the Portals platform.


Also, it is possible to use Admitad. Just tick Use custom account and then choose Admitad account in the Account type field.

ali2woo settings admitad

The first parameter is Cashback URL that you need to get from your Admitad account.

Please open Admitad portal, click Sign Up => Publisher, and create your publisher account.

Admitad publisher account form cashback

Fill out the form and click Sign-up.

In the next step, you need to go through several screens and fill in additional information about your goals and business. It’s a required step to register the publisher account.

Below you can see an example of how to fill these screens:

Admitad cashback registration step 1
Step 1
Admitad cashback registration step 2
step 2
Admitad cashback registration step 3
step 3
Admitad cashback registration step 4
step 4
Admitad cashback registration step 5
step 5

Open Programs => My programs and type AliExpress in the search bar. You will see such text “5 days until the moderation time expires” above the AliExpress program card. So they should approve your account for this program within 5 days. If you see the apply button instead of the message, click on it.

When you get your account approved, the program card becomes active and you should be able to click on it and open the program detail page.

Admitad cashback registration step 6

On the program detail page find Banners and links, click on it and you will see Cashback URL that you need to input in the plugin settings on your website.


You can also use EPN as your affiliate network. Just tick Use custom account and then choose EPN account in the Account type field.

ali2woo epn affiliate program

You need to get Cashback URL on the EPN website to connect it to the plugin.

First thing, open the EPN portal and check the actual information about their rules for affiliates and then register a new account.

ali2woo epn aliexpress cashback registration

After you filled their registration form, they should send the activation link to your email inbox. Visit it and activate your EPN account.

ali2woo epn account

In the EPN account create a new traffic source. Go to My Traffic Sources => Add Traffic Source. Insert the URL of your store,  select AliExpress in Offer and Cashback Service in Category. Then click Add Traffic Source.

add epn partners network

Your store will be put on moderation and you will see the “review” state near an appropriate row in your account:

epn affilliate network moderation

When you get your source verified, just add a new deeplink. Open Tools => Deeplink in your EPN account. Add a name (input any text you like), select AliExpress offer, and paste the link to Click Create Deeplink.

add deep link epn

So that deeplink is an URL you need to insert in the Cashback URL field in Ali2Woo settings.

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  1. Rammer Felix says:

    Olá, tudo bem? Com relação ao plugin, está aparecendo um erro na inclusão da URL de CASHBACK da ADMITAD. Busquei a URL correta conforme explicado no artigo e incluí na opção dentro do plugin Ali2woo.

    Porém, ao fazer isso, quando tento realizar uma busca de produtos, o plugin informa o erro. “Auth error: Purchase key not valid or expired.” Minha conta está ativa na Admitad. Acredito que seja um erro do plugin. Aguardo retorno.

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