Why products stuck in the Draft after import?

After pushing the products from Import List into the store, sometimes you can see a problem with images. Your products are published, but the status is Draft, and product images are empty. Especially if you pushed a lot of products at once.


Please don’t worry, everything is ok.

This is a super feature of Ali2Woo.

Our plugin downloads basic product data such as title and description. And then it loads product images and variations.

Ali2Woo splits a loading of your products into several stages and saves server resources.

In other words, it loads all images a background mode.

Even if you pushed a lot of products into the store, the plugin downloads all of them completely, just give it a bit of time.

The best part, while this background process is running, you can do other business tasks.

Please note:

To avoid showing incompletely loaded products on the frontend, in Ali2Woo settings you can set Default product status to Draft. When products are fully imported, you need just publish them.

Why my images are broken still?

Imagine you waited for 15-20 minutes but your draft-products number keeps its value.

Literally, you feel the process doesn’t move.

This is a known issue of the over-optimized websites that have a lot of cache and image-optimizing plugins.

Try to disable all those plugins, then remove all products you have not loaded completely and import some products again.

If it doesn’t solve the problem, contact the support center. Our technical specialists help you to resolve it.

Please note:

Also, you can try to disable the background mode.  To do that just untick the Import in the background checkbox in Ali2Woo settings. However, this can lead to problems with importing products having a lot of variations and pictures. That’s why we don’t recommend doing that. 

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  1. ThomasChang says:

    Will this plugin import the 50 by 50px variation thumbnail images?

    • Admin says:

      You can change the variant thumbnail size.

  2. ThomasChang says:

    Will this plugin import the AliExpress 50 by 50px variation thumbnail images please?
    These thumbnails are now showing up automatically on my site.
    It will be great if you help check out
    Thank you so much.

  3. ailane says:

    Still have the same problem, help, still shown as draft. i really need help, deleted cashing plugin ,desactivated all plugins still the same? i think you should fix your plugin

    • Admin says:

      Please send the request to our support center, our technical specialist will check it.

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