How to remove “Ship From” attribute?

Did you notice that some products on AlIExpress contain the attribute called “Ship From”? It serves to identify the country (warehouse) from which a seller will ship orders. Shipping cost and even product cost can vary significantly when you change the warehouse location.

For example: the same package can be shipped from different warehouses in China, Canada, Australia, France, Russia and other countries. The list of available countries are managed by your supplier.

remove shipping from attribute

What if you focus your store exclusively on Europe and send all parcels from France only? In other words, this country should always be selected in the “Ship From” attribute when people view such products on your website. Moreover, a lot of dropshippers want to remove that attribute or make it hidden at all.

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How to remove “Ship From” attribute from products in the Import List ?

As you know, before importing products to your store, Ali2Woo adds them in the Import List. At this stage you can easily eliminates “Ship From” attribute using Remove “Ship From” attribute option.

Go to Ali2Woo Settings > Settings >Common Settings and enable this feature. Now, when you import a product China will be selected as default country. You can choose another default country in Default “Ship From” country option.

Remove ship from import list

How to remove “Ship From” attribute from existed product?

Please note we don’t recommend to use this method, because it’s more tricky than first option. You can make the process easier, if you could just remove the existed product completely (from Trash folder too) and then reimport it using the first way.

If you still want to continue with this method, follow a few steps:

  1. open the product editing page in WooCommerce and go to Variations tab.
  2. remove all variations in which the “Ship From” attribute has a value other than your country (for example: “France”). remove ship from attribute manually
  3. go the Attributes tab and remove the “Ship From” attribute there tooremove ship from attribute manually
  4. save the changes in the product


1) How will product look after Ship From removing?

So let’s compare two pictures. On the first image the product is displayed with Ship From attribute in your store.

product with ship from attribute
This is a product with Ship From attribute

Now check another image where the same product is shown without that attribute. Please note: the attribute is hidden, but France is selected as country.

product with removed ship from
This is a product with hidden Ship From attribute

2) How to restore removed attribute or variation?

All attributes and variations which have been removed available on the product editing page. Moreover, each item has an appropriate button allowing to restore it. We added this feature for convenience, in case if you want to undo the changes made and return the items back.

restore removed attributes variants

3) Will removed items be restored automatically during synchronization with AliExpress?

No, they will not be restored during synchronization process.

4) How Ali2Woo place orders with removed Ship From attribute on AliExpress?

If we take our example product with France country selected and shipping from attribute removed, then during Order Fulillment process Chrome extension selects “France” for the “Ship From” attribute and place your order without problems.

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