How to change variations names and values?

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This article will learn you how to change product variation names and their values.

Dropshipper dictionary:

Product variation is a set of attributes such as color, size, and etc. Or in other words, it’s a combination of different attributes values colors. On AliExpress each product variant has a specific stock amount and price.

Please note: 

Often dropshippers don’t like names and values which sellers write for product variations on AliExpress. Often these names are weird. That’s why as smart dropshipper you need to change these texts too.

For example: in the following product you see the “Color” but the name should be “Type” instead.


With Ali2Woo you can change product variants before pushing the product to your store. To do that locate your product in the Import List and modify it. This is the preferred way that our team recommends for our users.

Alternatively, you can do that for already imported (existed) products in your store.

Let’s look at each method:

1. How to edit a variation name in the Import List?

In the Import List, each variation name is shown in a separate editable column.

Change a text there and then the appropriate variation name is changed too.


2. How to change a variation name for existed products?

If you have already pushed a product to Woocommerce, it’s possible to change the product variation name on this stage too.

We hope you remember that each variation is a set of attributes. Therefore to change its names, you need to edit the corresponding attribute names.

Below the global attributes page is shown. Open Products > Attributes to see this page in your WordPress backend.

Please note:

By default, Ali2Woo saves all imported attributes as global attributes. In the plugin Common settings, the Extended variation attributes option should be ticked.
It has a big matter because only global attributes keep the changes after the AliExpress synchronization.

So the process is very easy. Just find the necessary attribute, the change its name, value, or both texts.

Please note:

Each attribute has a slug field in Woocommerce. Never change the slug! Because Ali2Woo connects your attribute with AliExpress attribute using slug. If you change it, you break this process.

3. How to change a variation values in the Import List?

Let’s say you want to import a product with five variations. If you hover your mouse over some variant (on AliExpress website), you will see a text hint. This is a text representation of the variant.

For example, below, a text hint for variation is “2”. And it is not clear. Because we expect the color name such as “black” instead of “2”.

variations on aliexpress

The good news is you can set a desired value in the Import List.

Now we’ll illustrate this process:

Once you add a product into the Import List, locate it there and width to an appropriate Variants tab. Then just change the values for variation’s attributes as needed.

When you push that product into WooCommerce, the customized attributes are added to the product and the changes will not be reset after AliExpress synchronization.

4. How to customize a variation values for existed products?

In another case, if a product exists already in your store, you can change a product variant values as well.


You can edit variant names and values if they are set as global attributes ONLY! Make sure the Extended variation attributes option is ticked in Ali2Woo Common settings.

Open the Products > Attributes page, find a desired attribute (for example: Color) and click on Configure terms.

You will see all terms (values) of that attribute. Then edit texts you need and save the changes.

Please note:

You shouldn’t change the attribute value slug else you break the AliExpress synchronization process.

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