Order Fulfillment Process [+video]

The Ali2Woo plugin has a feature to automatically fulfill and place the orders.

Currently we added two ways of this process:

  1. Fulfill orders in bulk (use the mass placing of orders feature)
  2. Place each order individually

1. How To Fulfill AliExpress Orders in Bulk?

In this video, we explore a new feature – mass placing of orders using an orders` queue.

Attention! Before using this feature, you need to install free Ali2Woo chrome extension and make sure that you are logged in on AliExpress.

Also you need to connect the Chrome extension to your store.

For example:

We want to place orders in our demo store.

There are two orders. Let’s place these orders in Bulk!


To place both orders on AlIExpress in Bulk:

  • you need to choose them
  • select Place on AliExpress in the list of actions
  • then click the Apply button.

After that, at the bottom of the screen we can see the progress of this task.


In the popup we can see the various stages of the order fulfillment process, as well as receive error messages. If an error occurs, action will be required on our part to solve the problem and resume the task.


As we can see, in our case, the Chrome extension cannot add the product to the basket on AlIExpress, because This product is no longer in stock or is no longer available.

Let’s switch to AliExpress and add another product instead.


We have chosen a new product, now we can continue the process of placing orders.


Great, first order placed!

Now the plugin starts placing a second order containing two products.

Please note that orders are placed through the Ali2Woo Chrome extension in a separate browser tab.

Please do not close this tab until the process is complete.

The second order was also successfully placed.

Now the plugin offers us to switch to AliExpress to the list of all orders for their payment.

Let’s go to this page.


Orders have been added to the “Awaiting payments” list on AlIExpress.

Take note: it’s not necessary to add your orders to that list. You can change this behavior.

In total, three orders were created, because each of the selected products belongs to a separate supplier on AliExpress.


The first order contains a new product, which we replaced and in the other two orders are products related to the second order.

Also, after placing orders, the Chrome extension automatically saves AliExpress order IDs in WooCommerce.

So in the first order we see one ID and in the second order two order IDs are saved.

Take a note: another name of the AliExpress order ID is the External order ID.  Ali2Woo use it, when get the tracking numbers from AliExpress. That’s why we already save it in the corresponding WooCommerce order data.

Please note that if both products in the second order were from the same seller on AlIExpress, they would be in the same order on AlIExpress and there would be one order ID on AliExpress.

2. How to Fulfill a specific order automatically on AliExpress?

The fulfillment process is absolutely the same.

However, in this case you only need to select one order.

And then click on the button with the basket icon next to this order.

Also, there are two other buttons.

  1. The “eye“-styled button is to view the detailed order`s information
  2. The “i“-styled button to know AliExpress information related with the order

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