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Ali2Woo has a feature to fulfill and place orders automatically on AliExpress. You can place an individual order or several orders in bulk.

Please note: you need to install our free chrome extension and connect it to your store before using both features.

How to place orders in bulk?

For example, you have two orders in your store which you want to place on AliExpress.

Place orders in bulk

Just select both orders, choose the “Place on AliExpress” option from a Bulk Actions drop-down, and click apply.

Place orders in bulk apply

Now, you will see a place orders popup where you can watch for the order fulfillment process.


Please note: our chrome extension works in a separate browser tab. Once you start an order fulfillment task, the extension opens a new tab with the AliExpress portal. Don’t close this tab until the process is complete, else you can break the task.

In the popup, you can see various messages. A text of the message depends on the current order fulfillment stage or error. Some errors can terminate the process, but others request your action.

For example, if you forget to install, activate or connect the chrome extension to your store, you would see the following text.

Place orders in bulk popup error

Also, such an issue happens if you have several stores added in the extension settings and activated the incorrect store.

Please note: it doesn’t write “store” in the error text but uses “API key” instead. It is a connection key. You need to generate the key in the plugin settings and then input it on the extension settings page.

So when you configured and connected the extension to your store, press continue.

Now, let’s look at another possible error.


If you see this, it means the current product is out-of-stock on AliExpress, or it’s not available anymore. Also, your supplier could change variants. Anyway, the extension can’t map such an order item with the product page. You have to switch to the AliExpress tab in your browser, add to the cart another product instead, and then click Continue in the popup.


The popup will show updated status because there is one more order remaining in the order fulfillment queue.


The next order consists of several products. Once the extension finishes with it, a final popup message will appear. Click the “Orders List” button, and it will bring you to the orders list page on the AliExpress portal.


Please note: by default, the extension puts your orders on the list in pending status. It will allow you to pay for them in bulk. However, you can change this behavior in the plugin settings. For example, It’s possible to choose to pay for every order at once.

During order fulfillment, each order gets a unique id on AliExpress. Our extension will save it in the order data in your store. Later, Ali2Woo will use that id to match your and external orders at the time of order sync.

Order details

If your order has two products, each item will get a different id from AliExpress.

Order details two items

How to place a specific order automatically on AliExpress?

The process is almost the same. Just one difference – you need to click on the cart button near your order. It runs the order fulfillment process for the corresponding order.

Place specific order

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