Fulfill orders using AliExpress API

You can place your orders automatically using the official AliExpress API. This is the fastest way to place orders nowadays.

Before starting with this method, you have to input your purchase code in the plugin settings and get the access token from AliExpress. In fact, the AlIExpress portal allows you to access their API through that token.

The best thing is that you don’t need to update your access token every day because it’s valid for 30 days. We show the token expiration date, so you can refresh it when the time will come.

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How to get AliExpress Token?

  1. Make sure you have your purchase code in the plugin settingsPurchase code aliexpress api
  2. Log into your account on AlIExpress
  3. Go to Ali2Woo > Account settings and click Get Access TokenClick get access token
  4. You will see a new popup where you need to confirm you want to use the AliExpress API via Ali2Woo. Just click Authorize.Popup aliexpress access token
  5. Now you should see a new token key in the tableSee added access token

Sometimes the popup window can be blocked by your browser. Allow showing the popup in your browser if you will face the issue.

How to place orders using AliExpress API?

If you successfully completed steps from the previous section and your access token is not expired, you can start to place your orders via API.

Place orders using api

Open WooCommerce > Orders page and press the green button to place the single orders. Also, you can tick several orders and place multiple orders.

Bulk place orders using api

Use any of these methods to launch the order fulfillment process. In the next step, you will see the order fulfillment confirmation popup.

Order fulfillment popup

Please note, that you can change the shipping method of any order on this step. However, it’s not necessary and it’s fine to use preselected shipping options.

Click Fulfill orders automatically.

Order fulfillment popup pay

Normally it will take about 2-3 seconds to place each order, it depends on your internet connection speed. Once all orders are placed, you will see the status near each order. If you see “Done”, then your order has been placed successfully. There can be other statuses like “incorrect address”, “no purchase key”, “expired access token”, etc. When you see those errors, you need to take the appropriate action and then place orders again.

If the plugin has placed your orders, you should see the “Pay for order(s)” button. Click on the button and Ali2Woo will open the pending orders page on AlIExpress in the new browser tab. On that page, you can pay for your orders in bulk or one by one to finalize them.

How to sync products via AliExpress API?

We’re going to add this feature in the next plugin releases. Currently, you can use sync the orders through the chrome extension.

How to change the order shipping address easily?

Sometimes, you might see your order is not placed due to an invalid shipping address. In this case, you will see the error message in the popup.

Invalid shipping address

If you face this problem, you should change the shipping address in your order and try to place it again. In the screenshot above you can see “Edit” button after “Ship to” field. Click on it to switch to popup in edit mode.

Shipping address edit mode
Try to place the order again when you change the address.

Please note: if you don’t know what fields caused the shipping address problem, try to open your account on AliExpress and go to “Shipping address” page. There you can try to add the same address and make sure you do that correctly.

How to place an order again?

When your order has been placed, it receives the AlIExpress order ID. You need to open the order editing page and click on Reset A2W Order Data to remove that id. Afterward, you will be able to place the order again.

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