How to get Access Token from AliExpress?

When you start to import or synchronize products, import shipping methods, products reviews, etc you will see the following message: ” Session token is not found…

You have to get the token from AliExpress and make sure that your account on the AliExpress portal has the dropshipping type.

In order to do that please read our instructions below.

Getting AliExpress Token

  1. Make sure you have your purchase code in the plugin settingsPurchase code aliexpress api
  2. Log into your account on AliExpress (you should have own account on AliExpress)
  3. Go to Ali2Woo > Account settings and click Get Access TokenClick get access token
  4. You will see a new popup where you need to confirm you want to use the AliExpress API via Ali2Woo. Just click Authorize.Popup aliexpress access token
  5. Now you should see a new token key in the tableSee added access token
  6. Sometimes the popup window can be blocked by your browser. Allow showing the popup in your browser if you will face the issue

Switch your AliExpress account to dropshipping type

  1. You have to login to your AliExpress account
  2. Join to AliExpress dropshipping program here: (just visit that link)
  3. Accept “AliExpress Dropshipping Program User Agreement”
Aliexpress change account to dropshipper type


Sometimes AliExpress can associate your account with Russian locale and you will be redirected to a separate aliexpress Russian portal (

In this case it’s not possible to switch your account to dropshipping type.

If you face with this problem, just register new account on AlIExpress using VPN and then switch it to dropshipping type as we described in this article earlier.

This entry has 9 replies

  1. charles says:

    While creating token i found this error
    Fatal error: Uncaught Requests_Exception: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds in ….

    • Admin says:

      Hello, it should be fixed now.

  2. yassine belcaid says:

    Merci ca marche très bien

  3. jcadmax says:

    In the wordPress plugin – ali2woo-Account settings – Aliexpress API – click get actess token, there is no response, no token key appears

    • Admin says:

      Try to clean your browser cookies and try again.

  4. Allan says:

    I followed all the steps, but it still doesn’t work.

    I generated the Aliexpress API but it always gives the same error:
    “Placing orders from 0/1…
    Please install and link to your website the Ali2Woo google chrome extension to use this feature.”

    and everything is installed, all the same as this link of yours.

    What is the solution?

  5. Hola no he logrado comunicarme con soporte es una locura esto no he logrado pasar de esto “AliExpress access token is not found. Please check our instruction” ya probe en varios navegadores, en modo incognito, ya borré cookies y nada que paso solo me sale una ventana que dice alibaba y de ahi no pasa nada más, por consiguiente, el complemento está roto no sirve, no me funciona me gustaría me hagan un reembolso es sumamente complicado contactar con el soporte del autor de este complemento.

    • Admin says:

      It seems that Aliexpress has temporarily blocked your API token. Our research suggests that this can happen when you are actively syncing or importing products. Usually, the token becomes unlocked within a few days.

      We understand that you have already tried to refresh your token using the instructions from the article. However, you can attempt to generate a new token again in a few days. If Aliexpress unlocks your account, then you will be able to import products once again.

      As an alternative solution, we offer AliNext, which doesn’t use the Aliexpress API for product imports or syncing. This means that you won’t encounter any token-related issues while using AliNext. Additionally, AliNext is fully compatible with Ali2Woo, making migration easy. If you’re interested in using AliNext, please check out this page: AliNext plugin

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