“No response from chrome extension” message

You can see such an error text when place orders on AliExpress.

Often the error occurs when the Ali2Woo extension tries to place an order on AliExpress and expects that the original product has the variation but it can’t find that variation on the product on AliExpress.

It happens if a seller on AliExpress changed the product after the order was created on your website. That operation breaks the mapping between your order and the product.

Therefore, in this case, we recommend just place that order manually.

Also, you don’t need to reimport such a product from AliExpress. If you have the synchronization enabled, Ali2Woo will update the variants of your product automatically and all new orders should be placed without the problem.

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  1. Mark says:

    How do I drop it in manually?

    • Admin says:

      Hello, just switch to the AliExpress tab in your chrome browser and finish the order manually. Once you place it, copy AliExpress order ID to the corresponding order in your store.
      Please check the article for further information

  2. Laiane says:

    It can’t fill the address fields.

    field: mobileNo message: Insira 10 ou 11 dígitos

    Please fix shipping address in your orders and try to place again.

    • Admin says:

      It means the chrome extension gets the following error message from AliExpress: “Insira 10 ou 11 dígitos”, when it tries to place your order and fill the customer address automatically. From the error it’s clear that it’s related with phone number, therefore just open the Ali2Woo plugin settings (common settings) and input the default phone number. It should help you with the issue.

  3. Riya Agrawal says:

    How to solve this error
    error: Get no responces from the chrome extension for 30s.
    Please resolve our problem

    • Admin says:

      The following issue can be caused by different reasons. For example, if the HTML page structure is changed on AlIExpress, such an error will occur. It means that you need to report the issue to our support center. Afterwrds we will update our chrome extension and fix the issue. Our support center is available here: https://support.ali2woo.com

  4. Flávio says:

    When trying to place the order, the plugin extension does not change the address and therefore does not complete the order

  5. Harsha says:

    The operation is failed!You need to use a correct API Key.
    I used correct API

    • Admin says:

      We’ve released a new version of our chrome extension today.
      You can download it using the manual method as we describe in the following article

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