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Once you place an order on AliExpress and your supplier sends it to the customer, you can track how it goes using the tracking number. The tracking number is usually assigned to a package by sellers. Then, you can check it using different tracking services.

Ali2Woo allows you to sync orders with AliExpress automatically. The plugin gets a tracking number once your supplier adds it to orders on AliExpress. Also, all delivery updates of the order will come to your store. Ali2Woo switches orders to shipped or delivered state depending on the tracking data it receives.

If you want to enjoy the tracking feature, then, firstly, you need to place orders on AliExpress using our free chrome extension. It assigns AliExpress order ID to your order. In case if you place orders manually, you need to copy an appropriate order ID from AliExpress to the order`s item on your website (via order edit page in Woocommerce).

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1. How to sync orders in bulk?

Please note: Ali2Woo performs synchronization of all orders which have been placed according to previous instruction and have not been delivered yet.

When you have at least one such order, SYNC ALL with AliExpress button is visible on WooCommerce => Orders page. SYNC ALL with AliExpress launches this process and updates all orders one by one. During the synchronization process, you will see different notifications on the progress. 

Ali2woo track orders 1024x351

Please note: You need to be logged in your AliExpress account (through Chrome browser) and have the Ali2Woo chrome extension installed to be able to sync your orders and get tracking codes.

If you want to see the tracking information that is currently loaded for any order, just click on the information button next to the order. You will see a formatted order data with AliExpress order ID and tracking numbers.

Ali2woo track orders info 1024x177

2. How to sync orders automatically?

Although it’s quite an easy task to sync all orders in bulk using the SYNC ALL with AliExpress button, some stores get a lot of orders daily and want to sync them as quickly as possible. Ali2Woo can sync all orders automatically in the store if you enable the automatic tracking feature in the chrome extension settings. It allows you to stop monitoring your orders and you will not need to click the sync button anymore.

3. How to add or edit tracking numbers manually?

Sometimes you need to add tracking numbers manually. You can do that if you open the order edit page and find the A2W Order Data section.

Please note: an order can include one or more order items. Therefore you need to input the tracking number for each order item. You can activate editing mode if you click on the pencil button near A2W Order data.

Edit order tracking number

You can change AliExpress Order ID and Tracking numbers fields in the editing mode. If you want to add several tracking numbers to one order item, you need to use a comma like: “2SDSD232FD, 3SDFDSFWFK”. Also, when you need to remove A2W Order Data for the order data, use the Reset A2W Order Data button.

Ali2woo track orders edit2

4. How to change order status automatically?

Ali2Woo can change the order status if you enable this behavior in Ali2Woo settings > Common settings > Order fulfillment settings. It gives you three options:

  • Delivered Order Status – change order status when all order items have been delivered. In other words all tracking numbers get delivered state on AliExpress.
  • Shipped Order Status – change order status when all order items have been shipped. It happens when your AliExpress supplier sent the package.
  • Placed Order Status – change order status when order is placed with the Chrome extension. This event fires when the order is just placed and paid on AliExpress, however, the package is awaiting while seller process it and send to your customer address.
Ali2woo track orders settings

Choose “Do nothing” in all those options, if you don’t want to change the order status automatically.

5. How to send tracking numbers to your customers by email?

If you want to send the tracking numbers by email, you can use our additional tracking shipment add-on. It includes such a feature together with other features such as:

  • send tracking numbers by email
  • show tracking numbers in a customer profile
  • allow to add a separate tracking page on your website
  • allow to use AfterShip API to sync your orders and show all tracking numbers in one place in your backend
  • extend default woocommerce order statuses and add new ‘Shipped” status

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