How to use Ali2Woo Dropshipping Chrome extension?

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This post includes all information about our AliExpress Dropshipping Chrome extension that you can use together with the Ali2Woo plugin. It will help you to better automate your business daily routine tasks.

Note: in 2022 – 2024 google chrome extension team increased the time for reviewing of the chrome extensions, that’s why we provided a new (manual) way to deliver the updates for the ali2woo chrome extension. Update your chrome extension regularly to ensure all functions work stable.

So, let’s get started:

  1. How to install the Ali2Woo google chrome extension?
  2. How to connect your store to the extension?
  3. How to switch between connected stores?
  4. How to filter products with the desired shipping option (ePacket, AliExpress Direct, etc.)?
  5. How to import any product from AliExpress?
  6. How to import products in bulk from AliExpress?
  7. How to place order automatically on AliExpress?
  8. How to properly update the Ali2Woo chrome extension?
  9. How to update tracking numbers automatically?

TIP: unlike other dropshipping solutions only ali2woo allows you to sync products without using a chrome extension at all. Thus, after filling the store, you can turn off your computer and not worry about the goods.

1. How to install the Ali2Woo Chrome extension?

Follow these steps to install the Ali2Woo Chrome extension and then use it for dropshipping:

  1. Launch Chrome browser

    The extension works only on the Google Chrome browser and only on the computer. It will not work on a tablet or mobile phone.Install ali2woo extension chrome browser

  2. Find the extension in Chrome Web Store

    or just open the following link: Ali2Woo Google Chrome extension.Ali2Woo google chrome extension web store

  3. Add the extension to Chrome

    just click on the Add buttonali2woo-chrome-extension-install2

  4. Make the extension visible on the search panel

    just pin it to the browser panel:Pin ali2woo chrome extension to panl

  5. You are done. Congratulations!

    The Ali2Woo extension badge appears on browser search panelali2woo chrome extension badge

2. How to connect your store to the extension?

To connect a new store, click on the extension badge with right mouse button.

You will see a new context menu , just click on the Options item.

On the Options page you’re able to connect your website.

ali2woo chrome extension options

This is a simple process, just copy-paste the API Key link from the Ali2Woo plugin settings:

  • Go to Ali2Woo plugin settings > API Keys
  • Click Add key

Then, a new key will be generated, just copy the API Key link to clipboard.

Paste it in your Chrome extension settings.

Press Add Store and a new row should appear.

Tick the checkbox new your store to make it active.

connect chrome extension to store

Chrome browser will ask you to allow our extension to access your website.

allow chrome extension to work with store

After that, ali2woo’s extension will try to make a test connection to your store. If it’s failed, please contact our support center.

3. How to switch between connected stores?

If you have several stores connected to our extension, then you need to choose an active store to work with it.

To do that just tick a checkbox near the desired store`s row.

switch chrome extension between stores

4. How to filter products with the desired shipping option (ePacket, AliExpress Direct, etc.)?

Our extension allows you to find ePacket products, products having AliExpress Direct method or other shipping option.

You can choose what product to highlight in the extension`s popup window. First, click on the extension badge with left mouse button and the popup will be displayed.

You can use the feature with a few additional options:

  • Default shipping method – what shipping method to highlight
  • Default shipping country – set the destination country you want to check the default shipping method for.
  • Currency – what currency to use for calculation

5. How to import any product from AliExpress?

You can import any product from AliExpress into your store. Just click on the import button, the process should take a few seconds.

The import button is available in different place of AliExpress portal:

  • category page
  • store`s category page
  • detail product page

6. How to import products in bulk from AliExpress?

Sometimes you need to import products in the bulk mode. You can import all product from a category page or a store category page.

You will find the “Import all products” button.

The Ali2Woo Chrome extension will import all products one by one in the bulk mode.

You will see the progress of this process.

7. How to place order automatically on AliExpress?

The Ali2Woo`s chrome extension lets you process orders containing AliExpress products faster than doing it manually.

Learn how to use the order fulfillment feature.

8. How to properly update the Ali2Woo chrome extension?

Remember: you have to update the extension to keep its working stable and do that in time. Periodically, the AliExpress team makes some changes on their portal and some extension`s functions require refining to continue working properly.

You have two ways to get the updated version:

  • Automatic approach. Just visit the Ali2Woo chrome extension page, download and then install the latest version
  • Manual method. In 2022 – 2024, the chrome extensions team increased time of reviewing process for the extensions updates. They announced that the reviewing process can take up to 30 days. It’s really slow especially if the AliExpress developers make any changes on their side spontaneously. So, to get the updates faster, we would recommend you to install our chrome extension manually.

Follow these steps to update the Ali2Woo extension manually:

  1. Download the chrome extension archive: Ali2Woo chrome extension and unzip it.unzip ali2woo extension archive unzip ali2woo extension archive
  2. Once you have your folder, go to chrome://extensions (or find it in your menu in more tools > extensions), then activate the developer mode on the top right of the page:activate chrome developer mode
  3. Then to install the extension, you just have to indicate where is this folder on your computer:load chrome extension unpacked

Note: if you installed the Ali2Woo chrome extension before, then first deactivate the old version and delete it. It will ensure that you don’t have two extensions installed and prevent it from unexpected behavior and errors.

9. How to update tracking numbers automatically?

You can enable automatic synchronization of the tracking data for your active store using an appropriate button. The button looks like the loading icon.

activate tracking data autosync

If this feature is on, then our chrome extension checks tracking data for all orders in your store which have not been delivered yet and contain an AliExpress Oder ID in the A2W Order Data section.

It makes a check every 15 minutes. However it’s stopped the process if you close your browser or log out from the AliExpress account.

This entry has 45 replies

  1. Mickey says:

    Can I place orders from the chrome plugin I downloaded to my laptop, or just from my website? This has been a little confusing to me while setting up even following the directions. Please get back to me asap. Thank you Mickey

    • Admin says:


      1). You need to create a new API Key on the API keys page in the plugin settings.
      2). Add a new store and insert that API key on the chrome extension settings.
      3). Now you can place orders, we describe the process here:

  2. rivudu says:


  3. Herbert says:

    I was able to do some product imports to my website, but the “import” button is gone, what should I do to make it appear on the Aliexpress website?

    • Admin says:

      You have to install the latest chrome extension version.
      If the issue will persist, please contact our support center.

  4. DJ says:

    This extension no longer imports the order ID, even after clicking “Bulk Sync” in the pro version. I have been waiting for 5 months for this to be fixed. Is there anything you can do? Customers need order updates ASAP!

    • Elena Koval says:

      Thank you for your comment. Please send it to our support center. Our specialist will answer you there. Support center link:

  5. sanowar islam says:

    hello, I buy this plugin but the product review was not imported. please help

  6. Brittany Herron says:

    I am not sure where to find the API in Ali Express. I do not see that they have that feature. Can you please help me?

  7. LAURENT says:

    Hello, I have an error message when ali2woo has to enter the address alone, can you help me? “Some error occurs. Contact support…”

    • Elena Koval says:

      Thank you for your comment. Please send it to our support center. Our specialist will answer you there. Support center link:

  8. Mike says:

    I have issues on some products that I want to import. Some products work and some not, a freelancer added the same products and it worked for him. Need help ASAP

    • Elena Koval says:

      Thank you for your comment. Please send it to our support center. Our specialist will answer you there. Support center link:

  9. Julian says:

    Hi there. How to make sure tracking ID is definitely embedded in code for Affiliate version of plugin? I am using Aliexpress portals, not admitad or EPN.
    I inserted Tracking ID in Account settings but Cant find APP and secret key in my affiliates account. Will the tracking still work correctly??

  10. Mansoor says:

    How do I add an additional site to this extension?
    The import button on AliExpress.US doesn’t work, and I will like to add it to the allowed list.

    • Admin says:

      We’ve fixed that issue today, please update the chrome extension using the manual method

  11. Palitha Ariyarathna says:

    What is This? This account is not a drop shipper, can’t use this api.

  12. Lucy says:

    am getting an error message from the import. (build request error)

    • Admin says:

      You have to update your plugin to the latest version.

  13. Johny Raid says:

    Howdy, Just wondering, after purchase from store, the order doesn’t appear automaticaly in aliexpress awaiting payment list. The import process is going perfect, no issues, no I have small qty of orders, but I’m afraid of the mess when it will go for a 100+ per day.

    • Admin says:

      You can use the order fulfillment feature using AliExpress API. It works faster and more secured than you do now with the chrome extension.

  14. elalaoui amine says:

    even i did download it with those steps still doesn’t work the import option from the extension and also the import from the plugin both of them are not working ?

  15. seb says:

    I can import from aliexpress but I can’t order from the site, the aliexpress cart is empty?

    • Admin says:

      you have to update the plugin to the latest version

  16. Hk says:

    This plugin is not working normal. And not working on

    • Admin says:

      Hello, we have jus tested it and it’s working fine with, contact our support for further help:

  17. Nicolas says:

    PHP error with wordpress 6.2 and Ali2woo php 7.2
    everything was ok and i tried to add a second website.. and then nothing working anymore… tried to delete and reinstall… i also deleted all files with FTP and reinstall… same error

    • Admin says:

      You have to install the latest version of the plugin.
      Also minimum php version that is support is 7.4. You mentioned that you’re using php 7.2, it’s unsafed anymore.

  18. antoine says:

    I follow all the process but still not working

  19. Hey. I can’t import any product after successfully authenticating and linking my store. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still using the windows 8 chrome browser?

  20. Muntasir says:

    Hey i am using yith tracking for a long time is there any way that i can upload the tracking information to yith or any-other tracking providers

    • Admin says:

      Hello, could you give more details on what you want to get in result? Please contact our support center for further communication.

  21. hamza says:

    I’ve been waiting for a long time to connect to the API key and it hasn’t connected

  22. Amran says:

    I am trying to connect ali2woo to my store but I cannot find the API keys.

    • Admin says:

      Hello, check plugin settings > API Keys. There you can generate a new API key and then input it on the chrome extension settings page.

  23. majed says:

    The program does not work for me

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