What products can not be imported?

Ali2Woo plugin can download most products from AliExpress.

However, there are some products that cannot be imported. These are the majority of adult products, in other words, sex products. At the same time, you can find some of these products and download them, but this is only an exception to the general rule since AliExpress blocks the download of such products through their API.

In addition, starting in January 2020, AliExpress introduced changes in their algorithms. And now some products may be available for download from one country and not available in another. You can find this if you go to the official AlIExpress website and try switching your location there, some products will become unavailable.

Moreover, when loading a product that is not available in the current country Ali2Woo, the plugin will throw an error “Error: 1002 – No product info“. Please note: you can see this error in the process of downloading the product both through the chrome extension and when using the built-in search module.

You can get around this limitation with the Ali2Woo plugin. When downloading a product that is not available in a certain country, simply switch the language in the plugin settings. Changing the language in Ali2Woo also changes the country from which the product will be imported. Thus, you can upload it to your site.

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  1. mike says:

    why has this changed as i have other site i would like to buy ali2woo for but if it is limited whats the point a shop ventor wants to choice there own products not be dictated to what can be sold

    • Admin says:

      As you know China and the USA are big competitors now. That’s why some goods are not available for the USA, but available for other countries (for example for European countries).

  2. Osvaldo says:

    [1002]Build request error

    • Admin says:

      Please update the plugin to the latest version

  3. Paul says:

    When i try mass importing products using the ali2woo free chrome extension, i get this error “The mass import product: failed! This account is not a drop shipper, can’t use this api.”, after importing some of the products from aliexpress. why am i getting this error

    • Admin says:

      We’ve updated our chrome extension, if you still experience the issue, just contact our support center: https://support.ali2woo.com

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