How to migrate your products to Ali2Woo from another dropshipping tool?

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One popular question you send to the ali2woo support center – how to migrate my products to ali2woo?

In fact, the migration process varies depending on the platform you used earlier.

For example, dropshipping plugins like WooDropship, AliDropship, Wooimporter, Shopmaster use WordPress, so the process of transferring the products is quite simple in this case.

If you want to migrate from Oberlo, which is based on the Shopify platform, then the transferring process is more complicated.

Anyway, to start the migration, we recommend to send a request to the support center. Our technical specialists will help you with this task.

Also, below we put detailed instructions for several platforms that users ask to transfer from often.

Moving from AliDropship to Ali2Woo?

When it comes to move your store from AliDropship to Ali2Woo, it involves such things as:

  • Products migration
  • Reviews migration
  • Product images migration

Our team created a special script that allows automatically converts all data to Ali2Woo format. This script requires some setup on your website, therefore contact our support to get instructions.

How to migrate products from Shopmaster to Ali2Woo?

  1. Get CSV file with all products and product mapping data from Shopmaster customer support. They can give you hat file in excel format, it’s ok too.
  2. If you file is in excel format, resave it in CSV and make sure it has 10 following columns: title, sku, productId, sourceId, sourceUrl, productVarSku, productVarId, productVarAttr, sourceVarId, sourceVarAttrShopmaster migration csv fields if it contains additional columns (such as: platform, shopName, warehouse, etc.), remove those columns completely. In result your CSV file should include 10 columns only.
  3. Complete all existed orders and place them on AliExpress before you start the migration process. It’s required step.
  4. Ask your hosting/server support make a backup of your website database. We strongly recommend you to not skip this step.
  5. Install the latest version of Ali2Woo plugin (premium version) and activate it in your store.
  6. Go to Tools:Ali2woo tools menu
  7. Upload your CSV file and if it has the correct format (see 1-2 points above), then you will see the Convert button, click on it and wait until our script finishes this job:Convert products screen
  8. While the script job you can notice the errors count more than 0. Anyway please wait until script will process all file records and then try to upload the same CSV file again. Because It will skip all converted products and try to convert products with errors again.

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