How to import product reviews?

With Ali2Woo plugin it’s possible to import product feedbacks which buyers left when purchase something on AliExpress.

This feature come with a lot of options that you can configure in Ali2Woo > Settings > Reviews Settings.

Import reviews from aliexpress settings

Let’s go through all available options.

  • Import product reviewsenable product reviews import feature. Our plugin will start to load several reviews once you publish any product from the Import List to your store. If you want to import more user feedbacks, activate Import more reviews automatically.
  • Import more reviews automatically – the plugin will begin to check for new products reviews by a schedule. New reviews will be added to the product on your website.
  • Import translated reviewsforce AliExpress to do automatic translation of the review text to the language that you set in Ali2Woo > Settings > Common settings >Language
  • Import review avatar – some feedbacks come with avatar of the user who left it. Our plugin will load the avatar and show it on your website frontend. If no avatar is available then the default image is used. You can set it using Default review avatar.
  • Reviews per productset min. and max. number of reviews (per product) that should be loaded from AliExpress. It allows you to have random number of reviews per product. Please note: when you save the review settings, the random value for each imported product will be recalculated according to the new range.
  • Reviews Rating – set the star rating of reviews you want to import.
  • Import review attributes – some reviews are imported with additional attributes, which AliExpress adds automatically. Attributes can be like: size, color, etc.  Use this option to import them and then show on your website.aliexpress product review example
  • Import review images – buyers can attach photo to their reviews on AliExpress, use the feature to import those images and show in your store.aliexpress product review example2
  • Skip reviews with keywords – input keywords separated by a comma. Use this option to not import reviews which contain such keywords. Please note: the keywords search is not case sensitive.
  • Skip empty reviews – some users don’t leave any text in their reviews. Use this option to not import such reviews.
  • Remove all reviews – this button remove all reviews imported into your store from Aliexpress. Please note: you can manage the reviews of specific product on its editing page in Woocommerce manage imported product reviews
  • Send reviews to draft – allow manually approve imported reviews. They will be placed in draft initially, then you can check, edit them and publish.
  • Select country – you can import reviews from all or particular countries. Before importing reviews choose necessary countries or keep the field empty to allow all countries.

How to update product reviews for specific product manually?

Go to WooCommerce product list page and choose the Update reviews action from the bulk-actions drop-down menu.

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  1. i am premium member, the ali express review importer does not work now. that work propperly month ago. please check that. and fix it

    • Admin says:

      You have to update the plugin to the latest version.

  2. bathiya says:

    Hi admin.
    The aliexpress review importer does not work. I’m using the Light version of the plugin & it is latest version 2.3.0. Please Consider about this.

    Thank you..!

    • Admin says:

      Hello, there reviews can be imported only in premium plugin version

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