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All products imported in your dropshipping store from AliExpress come with original prices.

Normally, to get a profit from dropshipping business, you need to set your margin in the pricing rules setting.

You can find these settings in Ali2Woo > Settings > Pricing Rules page.

Let’s dive in:

1. How to set up pricing rules?

Ali2Woo can multiply or add a fixed markup to the original AliExpress price. Also, it can overwrite it with a custom price.

Multiplier – multiplies the original price by the number you set in the Multiplier field.

Fixed Markup – allows you to set a fixed amount that is added on top of the original product price.

Custom Price – overwrite the original product price with your custom price.

Set pricing markup ali2woo plugin
Pricing Rules settings

Please note: the Ali2Woo plugin has three modes for pricing rules that control how it applies these rules to the original AliExpress prices.

Here we list all modes:

  • Use sale price and discount
  • Use sale price as base (default mode)
  • Use regular price as base

Don’t worry we describe each mode in this post and start from Use sale price as base. This is the most popular mode that’s why it’s activated by default.

Pricing rules modes
Pricing Rules settings

Literally, this mode applies your pricing formula to the AliExpress sale price.

For example: If you set the price multiplier to 5, and import a product that costs $3.00 (its sale price) and $5.00 (its regular price) on, then Ali2Woo will set your price at $15.00.

Also, if you set a fixed markup to 5, then the product price will be set at $8.00.

And, if you set a custom price to 20, then your product price will be set at $20.00.

Once you set new pricing rules click on the Save settings button. Your pricing rules will be applied to all products which you import from this point onwards.

2. How to apply pricing rules to existing products?

The prices of the products which are already in your dropshipping store or in your Import list, will not get automatically updated after you setup your pricing rules in the Global Pricing Rules settings, therefore, you will need to take an additional step and make sure to click on Apply Pricing Rules to Existing Products.

Apply pricing rules ali2woo plugin
Pricing Rules > Global pricing rules

Once a new tab opens, you can update the type and scope.

Global price rules apply popup
Pricing Rules > Apply pricing rules popup

After selecting the preferred update type and scope click on the green Apply button and your product prices will start updating accordingly. The process can take some time depending on your product number. Anyway the plugin will show special notification that will be displayed until it executes the job.

Screenshot 16

3. Pricing rules modes

Earlier in this article, we promised to describe each pricing mode in detail.

Let’s do that now.

Use sale price as base

This is a default pricing mode for Ali2Woo since the 1.9.0 version. If you choose it, a pricing rule is applied to the original sale price (AliExpress sale price).

Please note: if you need two prices on your frontend, then enable the compared at price field in your formula. In the next screenshot, we enabled that field. Therefore when the original sale price is $3.00, your prices will be $3 * 2 = $6.00 and $3 * 4 = $12.00 accordingly.

Use sale price as base ali2woo plugin
Pricing rules > Use sale price as base mode

Use regular price as base

It works, in the same way, as the previous mode. But the difference is the type of the original price.

In this case, Ali2Woo takes the regular price from AliExpress and apply your rule to it.

Let’s take a previous pricing rule example and consider it with the “Use regular price as base” mode active.

If AliExpress regular price is $7.00, then your prices are set  to  $7 * 2 = $14.00 and $7 * 4 = $28.00 accordingly.

Use sale price and discount

This is the classic pricing rule mode that Ali2Woo had initially. We still support it in the new plugin versions. However we think it’s too complex for most users. That’s why we recommend enabling it only if you know how it works.

When this mode is active, Ali2Woo gets your sale price by applying a pricing formula to the AliExpress sale price. Your regular price is calculated using the Compared At Price part of the formula. If you disable that part, the regular price is formed from your calculated sale price increased by the original AliExpress discount.

Pricing rules classic mode example 1024x424

Let’s say the original sale price of a product is $6.00 and the discount is set to 20% on AliExpress. According to the rule (the screenshot above), you will get the following prices in your store: $6*2 = $12.00 and $12+20% = $12.40 accordingly.

4. How to set up advanced pricing rules?

Advanced pricing rules can be used to set your product markup depending on different cost ranges. This is especially effective when you sell different types of products and their cost range is really wide, therefore, it would make more sense to set different markup/multiplier for each product cost range.

Global price rules advanced

For example: If you import four products that cost:  $5.00, $15.00, $25.00, and $45.00 accordingly.

Also, let’s assume the sale price as base mode is active.

Then, in your store, the product prices would be set as follows:

  1. $10.00 (5 multiplied by 2)
  2. $30.00 (15 multiplied by 2)
  3. $50.00 (25 multiplied by 2)
  4. $135.00 (45 multiplied by 3)

The Advanced Pricing Rules technique especially works well when you use it together with the Auto-Updates feature. Ali2Woo automatically updates product prices in your store when it changes on AliExpres. So, if you have the advanced pricing rules in place and the product cost rises you would not be losing money if you have set up pricing for different cost ranges.

5. Compared at price feature

The Compared at price is an advanced pricing technique. Use it to show that the previous price of your product was higher than the current one and indicate that your product is currently on sale.

You can set your Compared at price in the Global Pricing Rules in Ali2Woo settings.

First of all, enable the Set your compared at pricing rules option.

Then you will be able to select either a fixed markup, a multiplier or a custom value for your compared at price.

You should have it similar to your normal pricing rules and make sure that it’s higher, otherwise, it will not function as it should.

For example: If you set the Compared at price multiplier to 4 and the Price multiplier to 2, then import a product that costs $10.00, then you would see it’s priced in your store at $20.00 and the Compared at price of the product would be $40.00.

6. Assign Cents feature

The Assign cents feature allows you to set a specific cent value for your retail product prices.
Just select a value of your choice and Ali2Woo will use it when applies the Global Pricing Rules to your products.

For example: If you want the price of your product to always have $0.99 cents added, then enter 99 to the cent fields.

Make sure you save the changes and apply the new rules to your existing products.

Then you should see a similar result in your store:

7. Price synchronization: why my price does not match to AliExpress price sometimes?

In this section, we want to tell you about some products that require additional attention when you set up your prices.

As you know AliExpress often gives discount coupons especially for items that cost less than $3.00.

Why it does matter?

Our parser (script pulling the prices for your products) gets the minimal possible prices for the products.

For example: On AliExpress you see $2.54 but in fact, they give a coupon and the real price is $0.54.

So, how to handle this? Just use this exception as an advantage and get an additional revenue!

In your formulas add the fixed markup price for this range: $0.00-$3.00


8. How to include the shipping cost into your profit margin?

This is a common practice among drop shippers to  include the shipping cost into their retail prices so the customer pays for it in the end.

If you want to implement this pricing strategy, take the following steps:

  • Tap the Add shipping cost to product price checkbox on the Pricing Rules page
    Add shipping cost to price checkbox ali2woo
  • Tap Save settings
  • Go to Import List and click the United States or other countries Choose shipping method import list ali2woo
  • Choose the shipping method which you need and tap OKChoose shipping method popup ali2woo

Now when you import the product into your store, Ali2Woo will add the shipping cost to the product cost according to the pricing rules.

Please note: by default the shipping cost is added after pricing rule’s calculation. If you want to change the order, tick the Add shipping cost first and then apply the price rules checkbox.

This entry has 8 replies

  1. Chris Lewis says:

    Does the multiplier have to be an integer value or can it be a decimal value? eg. can it be 2.4?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, sure you can use the decimal value. So 2.4 value is correct.

  2. Leonard says:

    Hello, I’m having a bit of an issue. I have a Multivendor store and I imported Products from Aliexpress but I didn’t set any pricing rules but unfortunately, Inside my store, the price has doubled and I have trying to reverse all product’s price to original price from AliExpress, once I click on Apply it will go to 10, 22,30 % and then stop, but when I go to my website the price still remain the same doubled prices. Can someone help?
    second thing is that when I go to products under my store as an administrator there is a button call Aliexpress info to click on Product: here <—This button takes me nowhere but it use to work
    Seller: XXXX Official Store
    External ID: XXXXXXXXXXX6829
    Last auto-update: 2022-08-13 14:59:23
    Reviews update: 2022-08-30 11:29:28

  3. Fran says:

    Can you add the percentage to price calculation rule?
    When I tried to use percent in the multiplication option prices, we’re too far out of what I wanted.

    Thank you

    • Admin says:

      It’s strange because the multiplier option can be used like percent. For example 1.1 multiplier is equal to 10% increase

  4. Ghulam Yaessn says:

    How To Solve [1002]Build request error Ali2woo

    • Admin says:

      Please update the plugin to the latest version

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